Into the Comic-Verse is a quick plugin for adding comic book or newsprint style effects to your videos. Four simple sliders add shading lines, screen printed glows, and create illustrated effects.


Into the Comic-Verse wraps a number of effects into a single, simple filter that can be applied to any photo or video. Four sliders control the scale and amount of edge enhancements, shading, highlights, and registration misalignment applied. Advanced options are included if you want to play around a little more with the details.

To get the plugin for yourself, follow the link above. It'll take you to the FxFactory store where you can download Into the Comic-Verse for free.


The following documentation goes through each available setting, what it does, and occasionally offers suggestions for how to use them more effectively.



These are the four main effect sliders, along with a quick scale adjustment, ready to create some punchy visual action!

Edges 0-100% This slider both reduces details and adds sharp edges, creating solid blocks of colour for a somewhat painterly effect.

Shadows 0-100% The Shadows slider adds shading lines to darker areas of the image. Higher values expand the affected areas while making the lines more prominant.

Highlights 0-100% This slider adds bright bloom effects to highlights in the image, textured with a screen printed pattern. It works most dramatically with larger bright areas, but will affect all bright areas.

Misalignment 0-100% While keeping the centre of the image in perfect focus, this slider will distort the edges, splitting the image into multi-coloured layers. While based on printing press artefacts, this effect was designed to look a little like chromatic aberation or highly stylised lens defocusing.

Scale 0.0-1.0 This slider controls the global scale of the effects, allowing you to adjust the level of detail depending on the resolution of your footage. Values between 0.5 and 1.0 are normal, but large numbers can be used by typing them in (maximum of 10.0).


This group of settings controls the finer details of the effect.

Tint 0-100% This controls the amount of colouration applied to the image. This takes the colours from the Hue setting below, and shifts the image values to match.

Hue 0-100% This sets the colours used in the Misalignment and Tint controls above. 0% is a duo-tone effect with gold and blue, whereas 100% is green and purple. You can fade between these two sets seamlessly with any percentage between.

Value 0-100% This modifies how the image values are modified by the Tint setting above. 0% will try to match similar colours; all warm colours will be pushed toward gold or green, while all cool colours will be pushed toward blue or purple, depending on the Hue setting. Setting this to 100% will use a more classic duo-tone approach, pushing the shadows toward blue or purple, and the highlights toward gold or green. You can fade between these two extremes to find the right balance.

Shadow Rotate angle in degrees Use this control to set the angle of the lines drawn in the shadows. Any angle is possible between -180° and +180°.

Highlight Rotate angle in degrees Use this control to set the angle of the screen print pattern visible in the highlight bloom. Any angle is possible between -180° and +180°.